Our first official family photos were done when you were around a month old. I was still moving very slow and was easily exhausted. Your Daddy had been struggling with health issues as well..  It had been a hard month for us physically and emotionally. And while we were thrilled with the photos of you, but we saw the photos of ourselves and were eager to do a new family photo when you had grown a bit older and we felt more like “us” again.

At a few days shy of 7 months old, we took these photos with our favorite photographer lady. We planned to take your helmet off seconds before we took a photo, since you were always so happy as soon as it came off… Except, of course, this time.

You refused to smile. Your Daddy, Laura, and I did not hesitate to stoop to any level of silliness to try and coax a smile from you. And somehow, we managed to catch a few, but for the most part, you just stared. But my goodness, are you beautiful when you stare!

My beautiful girl, I love you so. Thank you for the joy you bring to your Daddy and I!

Love, Mommy


Photos by Laura Crowe Photography,


8 Months ~ 5/27/2017

Dear Elise,

Oh my goodness, sweet baby girl. You have wrapped us and your entire extended family around your little finger. From your two-toothed grin to your giggles and fake cough to get attention, your Daddy and I cannot get enough of you!

You’re still adorable in your helmet, and we are eager to hear how much it has helped at your appointment this week. The visible change to us, however, is amazing. Your head has rounded out, your L ear is more in line with your R, and we can barely see any difference in your face now. We are glad that we chose to do the helmet, and even more glad that you have it now that you are learning to crawl!! 2 weeks ago you began figuring out that you were able to get onto your knees. From there, you learned that you could sit onto your bum (just this past week!). You army crawl your way across the living room, and are still ridiculously motivated by Ruger’s rawhide :/ It is a joy to see how excited you get about being able to move yourself around!

You are jabbering and “mamamama-ing” and “babababa-ing” and just a few days ago, figuring out “dadada”! Your first official word was “ma-ma” on Mother’s Day 🙂 You don’t seem to associate it with me yet, but you do know it’s a word! You love to mimic your Daddy and I, whether we are blowing raspberries, nodding our heads, singing, or clapping. You wave your hands together when we clap, but haven’t quite figured out how to get them to clap. You also love to roll around on the floor with two wooden puzzle pieces and bang them together while jabbering/singing.

Grocery shopping is a favorite because of all of the people that you get to smile at. When you get very happy to see someone you smile so big and show off your two bottom teeth and all your gums, complete with a wrinkled nose! Every time you do that your Daddy and I laugh! You like to be in the car, and have realized there is a baby in the mirror that you can talk to. You are also content to suck your thumb and watch the world go by out the window.

Sleep-wise, you are back to being up once a night somewhere between 3-5am, but once you eat you are back to sleep until 7 or 8. We had a rough week of you fighting bed time with much noise (screaming), so we cut out nap #3. That was not a fun transition, but now you are mostly in the groove with one nap in the morning that is fairly long (sometimes 2.5 hrs!) and then one in the mid-afternoon that is an hour to an hour and a half! Occasionally you will wake up from a nap (or not want to go down for a nap) and want attention, so you will move to the end of your crib by the door and relentlessly yell/cry/holler for us until we come see you. We often find you somewhat wedged into that corner, occasionally with your arms and legs sticking through the slats on your crib! It always makes me chuckle to find you in such a position, even if you are going on 45 minutes of protesting sleep.

You love to watch things. Whether something you spy outside the window, the dog chasing a fly, the baby in the mirror (especially the baby in the mirror), the birds when we are outside on the deck, the cars going by in the parking lot, or any face you might see. It has really been a blessing to see the world through the eyes of a baby and catch a glimpse of how beautiful God’s creation is. Your Daddy and I pray with you each night that you would see this world as His, and desire to know Him and His word.

Keep growing, sweet baby. We love you, and are excited for the adventures that we know this next month will hold!




Aunt Teresa snagged this photo of you and I after bath time one evening.
“Does this hat make my helmet look big?”
Mother’s Day walk with Daddy!
So much personality in such a tiny face!
Tongue Depressor for the win to distract you at a Doctor’s appointment!
Your first art work, ‘painting’ birthday cards for your Grandma A and Grandma Z!
The two-toothed smile that keeps me from getting anything done!

7 Months ~ 4/27/2017

Dear Elise,

This last month was a bit of a roller coaster! You gained two teeth, learned how to sit up by yourself, and started wearing your Star Band in an attempt to round out your sweet little head. Combine cutting the teeth and the helmet, and sleep was non-existent for a few of those weeks, but we persevered and you are now adorable with your teeth, and aren’t phased by the helmet at all during bed time!

You grow, and grow, and grow. 20 pounds even, and 95th percentile for your height! You are so enthused by eating, in addition to nursing every 3 hours, and you love to eat avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash, bread, pickle, mango/pear, rice cakes, and everything else you can get your pudgy little hands on. Dinner time is often messy, as you gleefully grab handfuls of the food and slam your hands down on the tray in rapid succession. Momma has learned that it is not even worth trying to keep you clean!

Your main form of communication is growling. It’s usually accompanied with a smile, but if you are not doing a high-pitched squeal, you definitely can make some impressive growling noises! Most often, you can be heard making noise at Ruger, or at any other little person you may see. You also like to talk while hanging out in your car seat, which is a blessing to me. We have spent many hours in the van together over the last month traveling to Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Indian River for appointments for your little noggin’. Thankfully, you usually are an excellent traveler! We will be testing that theory shortly after you turn 8 months with a family vacation 🙂

Curiousity abounds! Now that you can roll to wherever you please, I have been amazed at how well you can maneuver through doorways and around furniture. Belt buckles, mini flashlights, shoe laces, and dog toys are exceptionally intriguing. You ditched your pacifier officially, and have gone to sucking your thumb! The bonus to this is that you can put yourself back to sleep at night or in the car seat without me trying to play some kind of yoga game to get my arm back there. The disadvantage is I can no longer just stick your “plug” in your mouth! Your Daddy was a thumb-sucker, though, and it is sweet to see you have taken after him in yet another way. You are also sitting up independently, and that has been made easier by your helmet. You are fully aware that you can fall over backwards and it won’t hurt. The first time you do that without the helmet… You will learn! As I type, you are rolling around and trying to push yourself back onto your knees, and trying to army crawl forward. You love being mobile!

Bath time is still a favorite, especially now that you get to sit up in the big girl tub! Splashing, chewing on silicone cupcake cups (best bath toy idea), and the shampoo bottle, can literally keep you happy for well over a half-hour. We did that one teething day. I am excited for it to warm up enough to get a little pool to put on the deck for you – I have a feeling we will spend hours and hours outside this summer!

Thank you for being such a joy! We love you, and we are so grateful that God chose us to be your parents.

We love you, Bug!



“Daddy’s Little Girl” and your ‘sqooshy’ eyebrow from your helmet!
First taste of blueberries/prunes was a HIT!
Why would a parent buys toys when your child loves the booger sucker and a wooden spoon? Cheaper, for sure!
Playing with Daddy and Ruger during the helmet-free hour!
Precious Girl
So. Much. Joy.
Seven sweet, slobbery months!

Trading in the Bows

Dear Elise,

As you cry most of today, please know your parents tried to avoid this day. We’ve been doing physical therapy since you were 3.5 months old, we’ve repositioned you every possible chance, done hours of tummy time, stretched diligently, and yet your little head still needs some help to grow the way it should.

Backing up, we noticed around your one month wellness appointment that your head was tilted to the right. I mentioned it to your pediatrician, and was told it didn’t mean anything at your age. At the two month wellness appointment, same thing. At three months, a friend/colleague of mine sent me a Facebook message and recommended that you come in for a Physical Therapy consult for torticollis. I was so thankful someone agreed with me that there was a tilt! We went in, and she agreed that you would benefit from PT. We noticed drastic improvement after the first 8 weeks of therapy, but your therapist confirmed my suspicions that your head still had some flattening on the right side. I called and requested an appointment with your pediatrician, and again she told me we should wait until you were 6-8 months to make a call on whether or not something else needed to be done… Baby girl, I did not listen to her – and requested we be sent to a specialist for a scan, which would let us know if you would benefit from a cranial band (more commonly known as a helmet). Requested probably sounds nicer than what I was, I was more than a little frustrated that she was not listening to me.

You and I went down a few weeks ago and long story short, you do need a helmet. Your Orthotist and the DO we have been going to see agree that it is because of how you grew while you were in the womb. When I was on bed rest, your head always showed up on the weekly ultrasounds in the same place. They think that as you grew, you grew with your right ear bent toward your shoulder(causing the torticollis), as well as with your head pressed up against my pelvis. This caused the back of your head to be flattened on the right side, which is called plagiocephaly. And because of the torticollis, as you have grown, it has put more pressure on that part of your head which contributes to the plagiocephaly.

They measured your head with a scanner, and that gave us measurements in millimeters of two diagonals (front left to back right, and the opposite). Normal variance between these numbers is 0-6 mm. You have a difference of 10.9 mm, considered in the low end of the moderate range. If we were to ignore this and not treat you for the plagiocephaly or the torticollis, it could lead to developmental issues down the road, not to mention making wearing glasses difficult! Right now, you are hitting your milestones dead on, and we would really love to keep it that way! Treating you with the helmet is the best option not only cosmetically, but developmentally and physically. It will help avoid issues with your neck, back, vision, and even eyes and ears.

So down we went yesterday to see the Orthotist to get your fancy new headpiece. You will be wearing your helmet 23 hours a day, with one hour off each day to take a bath/go swimming (whichever we choose to do that day!). It is estimated that you will need to wear it for anywhere from 3-5 months. Obviously, we are praying for 3 months! It provides gentle pressure against the areas of your head that are more prominent, which they call the “bossed” areas. It leaves space to grow where you are still flat.

Today has been rough on you, as you don’t understand why you suddenly have this thing on your head. Over the next 5 days we will ease you into it until you are in it for those 23 hours/day. Your Momma is emotional, but thankful that this is something we are able to treat, and that we caught it when we did (and thankful that your Daddy reminds me of that frequently!). The older you get, the harder it is to treat this with success. The older you get.. The easier it will be for you to figure out how to take it off by yourself. We will continue with physical therapy and seeing an osteopathic doctor. Both of those ladies will help us make sure that this is as beneficial as possible!

We love you, bug. Hopefully, when you look back on pictures of you in the helmet, you will laugh at how squishy it made your cheeks look!!

One day at a time we will get you through the helmet, just like we got through bed rest 🙂




6 Months ~ 3/27/2017

Dear Elise,

Half a year! Oh my goodness, how I did not realize that the night before you turned six months I would cry when I laid you down for bed. I can hardly believe that it has only been 6 months with you. 180 days. No where near as many days as it has felt!

You continue to amaze us. I think each month I write this, I will say “this month has been my favorite.” But the joy of watching you grow is honestly just that much fun. You are mobile – and taking after your Momma in the aspect of rolling. You roll everywhere, and with surprising accuracy and speed. Once you’ve rolled a few times, you will use your arms to scoot yourself into a new direction, and then continue rolling. You will also use your arms to push up and scoot a full circle on your belly! Your little legs are trying to crawl, and heaven help us when you figure that out… I think that God is being gracious to us as your Daddy is working hard to finish the stairs and railing! You’ve also gotten much better at sitting up. As long as you don’t look straight up or try to rotate too far to the side, you’re golden.

You cut two teeth in a matter of days :/ March 15th the first one came through, and the other followed soon after.. It was a sleepless, tired blur. You have never been so upset, and we went through every pain-management idea possible. Mostly just lots of snuggles and frozen teething toys. Once the teeth cut through though, you’ve really been a wonderful sleeper. As in, a 9-12 hour stretch on average starting around 7 in the evening! I’ll take it!! Momma has begun to function even more like a human since you started that 🙂

Speaking of teeth, you adore eating. Mostly sweet potatoes, dill pickles, peas, pears, and even a lemon wedge here and there. You do not care for apples or bananas. You’ve also begun to get the hang of a sippy cup! You make funny faces at food, and stop everything that you are doing if you notice someone is eating or drinking something.

Above everything else, we love watching you learn. You like to pluck at the tags on your stuffed animals, pick at tiny specks on the floor, roll around, try to steal Ruger’s rawhide (yuck), and stand in your walker and jabber and screech. You enjoy sitting in the cart at the store like a big girl, and coo and squeal at anyone who will give you a second look. You ‘talk’ with us, and you are so excited when I come to get you from your crib every morning. You smile at the baby that is in the mirror, and will lay by the mirror that is on the floor in the guest room and have quite the conversation with that baby!

We love you, Elise. We are already proud of you, and we are so blessed to be your parents!




Daddy took you out to the car one day while I was standing in a long line. You loved ‘driving’ and watching people move while you waited for me!
Breakfast at our favorite place to celebrate Mommy’s birthday. The Big German was almost big enough to sit you in!
Your walker. One of your favorite places! You scoot around backwards and seem to enjoy stuffing toys down around you in the seat.
You’re Daddy’s helper already! You supervised while he built our new mailbox, and then enjoyed the inspection process 🙂
Teething naps only were accomplished with lots and lots of snuggles.
My sweet girl in Hobby Lobby! Your first time sitting in the shopping cart like this.
6 months of lovin’ you!

Beastly Decisions

Dear Elise,

Sometimes, being a parent can suddenly bring a sense of greater responsibility. Actually, a lot of times. Things that once were not a big deal, all of a sudden require greater thought. Vacations take more planning. Dinners take longer to cook. Grocery shopping takes more effort. And entertainment choices carry more weight.

There was a movie released this last week that I had been so eager to see. The entire time on bedrest I watched for new trailers, and your Daddy patiently watched them with me ;). We had the premier night circled on the calendar, and we were planning on seeing it as soon as it came out. Yesterday was the day that we finally had a chance to see it. Your Aunt came over to watch you, and your Daddy and I were going to go shooting together and then go see the movie. The morning of date day came, but as I got showered and ready to go, I could not kick the conviction that kept hitting me.

You see, sweet girl, that movie had become a huge source of controversy among Christians/non-Christians, and most people who had children. There was a scene at the end that was supposed to condone homosexuality. The scene is small, and many people apparently wouldn’t even notice it. It’s subtle. It’s quiet. But it is there.

Your Daddy and I have had to make some rough decisions surrounding homosexuality already. It is something that since the day we knew you were coming, we knew we would have to make a choice about and stick with that choice. We believe that Scripture is clear regarding God’s stance on homosexuality. Sexual sins such as sex outside of marriage, lust, and infidelity are also included in that. I cannot parent you well if I try to raise you to believe what God says about homosexuality, and yet I still choose to openly support a movie that brushes it off as no big deal. We have researched, prayed, and sought counsel on how much understanding you will have at a young age regarding this topic. Many conversations surrounded how to raise you so that you do not think that homosexuals are ‘bad’ people, but to realize that they are simply sinners, living in sin. They need to accept God’s forgiveness for their sin, just as you will one day need to do for yourself.

Your Daddy and I cannot make you a Christian. We cannot choose that for you. All we can do is pray for you daily and teach you what His Word says, trusting and hoping that you will grasp the simple truth of Jesus’ sacrifice and atonement for your sins. Part of that is us choosing not to live or demonstrate actions that are opposite to what we teach. Your Daddy and Mommy both have sinned, and we are not perfect by any means. But part of being a Christian is that we must daily choose to live in a way that honors the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, so that we could live eternally with Him.

As for the movie – well, I don’t know just how big of a deal it really made about supporting homosexuality, and it doesn’t matter right now. Your Daddy and I went out to dinner instead, and still had a wonderful time together. This parenting thing is a one day at a time lesson, and we will cross that bridge when we get to it! Other parents may make different decisions regarding seeing it and whether or not their children will see it, and that is okay. This is not about what the people sitting across from us in church did, or what your friends did, or our friends. This is about our home, your parents, and our walk with God as a family.

I love you, baby girl. I hope and pray that you will learn to filter your choices and decisions through nothing but Scripture. It is always right. It will never change. And it will always bring peace to your heart and mind when you make a decision that honors what it teaches.



5 Months ~ 2/27/2017

Dear Elise,

Oh sweet baby.. You seem like such a big girl to us now! It has been amazing to watch you change over the last month, and the last week or so especially.  You go down for naps most days without being rocked, and actually seem to prefer being laid down in your crib. You roll onto your tummy now to sleep (which completely freaked me out the first time!) and like to wake up on your tummy and peek at me through the crib. As soon as you make eye contact with me, you are nothing but smiles and happy noises! You’re eating ‘solid’ foods (According to Daddy, puree and rice cereal doesn’t count as solid!), moving everywhere, and making our days bright!

Now that you are rolling, you are absolutely all over the place. It has been a scramble to pick things up and rearrange a little bit to keep you safe as you go. You learned this skill very quickly, going overnight from rolling over from your tummy to your back, to rolling over as a mode of transportation! Your Daddy and I love to watch you, and you thoroughly enjoy the applause from both sets of grandparents 🙂 Ruger is not quite sure what to think about your mobility, but he is learning to be patient when you are cooing at him and trying to get over to him. You will also scoot your little rump up in the air while on your tummy, and seem to be starting to figure out that if you could coordinate your movements a little better you could really go places. As I type this, you are rolling across the living room floor, and looking up at me to smile with each roll. I am so proud of you.

Your very first taste of solid foods came the day before you turned 5 months, after many, many attempts to get my food in your mouth. You loved it. It may have been rice cereal, but I think you thought you had just been served the best chocolate ice cream in the world! The eagerness with which you open your mouth to eat makes us laugh. You look like a little bird 🙂 And the days of Momma being able to eat while nursing you are gone. If you see my food, forget nursing, you want whatever I have in your mouth asap!

Your personality has started to show more, and especially in the grocery stores you are eager for attention from anyone and everyone. You coo and smile at people, and seem to especially like the grandpa-like men. You’ll throw yourself back, leaning as far sideways as you can, and smile at them upside down from your carrier. It never fails to bring a smile to their face! I am so enjoying being out and about with you. I look forward to the warmer days of spring and summer when we can be outside, but for now you look pretty darn sweet in your snowsuit! You love watching Ruger and will coo and smile at him from my arms, the Bumbo, high chair, and floor. I think you two will end up being quite the duo.

Your sleeping goes from fantastic to horrible, but I think most nights you wake up once after a 7-8 hr stretch and then sleep another 3-4, depending on the night. You still take naps, but they are better called power naps! I’m a blessed Momma if they last longer than 30-35 minutes!! It works for you, though, and I have learned to bust a move the second you fall asleep 🙂 As you get sleepy, your little eyes turn red and you will start to clasp your hands together and raise your arms up over your eyes. It’s your sweet little way of saying “please, just put me down and let me sleep.” You will also start to cry when you think you’re being ignored, which always starts with a huge fat lip following by sticking your tongue out. You do this a few times and look to see if anyone noticed or not. If we don’t react, then you start crying! This usually happens after you’ve rolled the length of the living room and don’t want to roll back.

Watching you learn and grow this last month has increased our excitement for the months and years to come. It has made me excited to show you new things, and I so enjoy watching you try to figure out how to move forward 3-4 inches to get a toy, or how to roll the other way when you bump into a couch. In a week your Daddy and I will be taking you swimming for the very first time while we get away for a night, and we are both excited to see what you think of a pool, since a bath is the best thing in the world… Next to food 🙂

I love you,


Momma’s little baker! You love to sit in your Bumbo and watch the blender and the Kitchenaid!
Your First Snowsuit!
You’re my little squish!
Book worm! You almost seem to know what to do with them. We read before bed and each nap, and I think you’re starting to like it!
The first picture I took and then thought that you looked like my baby photos. But you still look just like your Daddy.
Trying to eat Momma’s smoothie!
Great Grandpa A was making duck noises, and you were 100% enthralled with him!
The walker Grandma Z got you is a huge hit You love that you are upright without any assistance!!
Happy 5 months, bug!


A Servant

My dear little love,

Our community unexpectedly lost a dear Pastor this last week. It was heartbreaking and yet amazing to see the news of his passing stretch across social media.. you squirmed on my lap as I scrolled through comment after comment after comment. He preached and led at one church, but he was Pastor to many, many people.

My memories of him are small, baby girl. I was blessed to get to spend some time with him about 2 years ago, but the rest of my knowledge of him is as a young middle schooler when your Aunt Teresa was born and your Grandma Z was so very sick. I remember him praying, and I remember him serving. Two simple yet so very powerful things. And it is those memories that endeared him to so many!

As you will probably be, I have learned from and been taught by many pastors and speakers in my walk with Jesus. But as we all sat stunned by his passing, I realized that he had made an impact on me none of the others had. Rather than standing behind a pulpit and praying and preaching on how to live as a follower of Jesus, he went out and prayed with those who were hurting and he went out and served those who needed help. He led and loved by example. I’ve never seen another Pastor do quite the same. Even if you were not a member of the church he pastored, he still cared for you. Even if you did not sit in the building he led on Sunday mornings, he reached out and prayed with you. Even if you didn’t serve monthly among the people he taught, he still would come along and serve you. 

Why? Because he lived what Jesus taught. To love your neighbor, to pray as the body of Christ, and that church has no walls. It brought a smile to my teary face to imagine him now in Heaven, where he has nothing to do but worship the One he served for years.

I pray that as you grow, you will see those around you live in this way. I pray that even if your Daddy and I don’t always show you this, though I hope that we do, that you will see it in those who surround you. Because seeing the love of Jesus through the actions and prayers of someone you know is a powerful thing. Seeing the greater Church Body, outside of whatever one we attend, serving and caring, It will stick with you forever. 

And even more, I pray that this is how you will live. Even now when you are so small, this is what we pray for you above everything else. That you will pray genuinely and serve your Heavenly Daddy diligently and humbly. That will make a mark on those around you far deeper and stronger than any degree, career, or knowledge you might have.

I love you baby girl!

Love, Mommy

4 Months ~ 1/27/2017

Dear Elise,

You have seen your first New Years, and with it, many many new accomplishments and skills have been obtained! Your Daddy and I agree that this last month has been the most fun out of the four we have had together so far 🙂 Watching you learn to laugh, realize you are in control of your hands, find our faces in a room full of people, and show more personality has been so much fun. We will ignore the fact that you are experiencing a major sleep regression right now.. Besides that, you are nothing but a joy! And even during the third, fourth, or some nights even the fifth time we are up together, I do my best to soak in the excitement with which you meet me. You never fail to smile when we come to get you from your crib. I enjoy the satisfaction that you receive from nursing, and how excited you get when you realize that is what is coming.

Physically, you seem to be in a constant state of change. Your deep blue eyes have developed a little ring of brown right around your pupil. Your hair is growing very quickly, and we’ve thought it every color from blonde, to red, to now brunette.. But even different light will change how it looks. You are able to roll from your back to either side, and can come so close to getting onto your stomach! Once on your side you use your bottom leg to scoot, and can eventually turn full circle. You’re working on two, possibly three teeth already, too! This has caused you to constantly be chewing on your fingers, or one of our fingers. They haven’t broken through yet, but the bulge in your gums is very noticeable! You’re 16.5 pounds and 25.5 inches tall, hanging out in the 85th percentile. We honestly thought you weighed more then that.. But you are healthy, and that is what matters. You are exploring your surroundings a little bit more, and still prefer to be positioned so you can see what is going on around you. Especially if that involves Ruger!

You laughed for the very first time this month, too! The first time was with Grandma Z while your Daddy and I were on a (much needed) date. She was thrilled to be the one to hear it for the first time! The next day, you did it again for both your Daddy and I to hear. We couldn’t have been happier! It’s still not a “regular” thing, but we will both drop whatever we are doing to come hear you laugh. Smiling is almost constant though, and it is so much fun to do whatever crazy and silly things necessary to see that sweet smile light up your face, usually accompanied with your tongue and ample amounts of drool!

You talk. And talk. And talk. You are rarely not making noise. It’s almost always happy noise, though. And I enjoy listening to it during the day when it is just you and I! One of your favorite times to tell stories seems to be while you are in your car seat and we are headed somewhere. You also like to grunt and talk while I am wearing you in the carrier in the grocery store. This makes it more entertaining for me, as well as all of the people who stop to ask how old you are, and tell me how cute you are! It is such a blessing to me to see the smiles that you bring to the faces of others. Many of the older people tell me of their grandchildren, often far away, and encourage me to enjoy every moment with you, because it “goes too fast.”

And that is what we’re striving to do. You and I have been very busy this last month. We’ve traveled with Daddy downstate to see our friends, who are also a line-family. We have gone from town to town for Physical Therapy appointments for both you and I. You are doing so much better, and getting stronger every day! You’re also spoiling both of your Grandmas with visits while I go to my visits, and they both absolutely beam with joy when I drop you off. But I treasure the days we have at home. The lazy mornings to snuggle after nursing, while we talk and play and have fun together.

Keep growing, keep smiling, and hopefully by next post we will have a picture of a tooth or two!

I love you,


Your first day rocking out the camo with your Daddy! I think you were excited 🙂
Tummy time can be fun. For short periods of time. As long as Mommy is right in front of you!
You really love to hang out in the bumbo seat. We thankfully have two, or I think I’d need to carry it with me from room to room!
Love this one of you, sweet girl ❤
Happy fourth month, bug-a-boo!

3 Months ~ 12/27/2016

Dear Elise,

Sweet girl, you are lighting up our days with smiles, coos, gurgles, and raspberries! Your third month was a time of growth, as well as that bittersweet transition from “newborn” to “baby” that happens all too fast.

As of 10 weeks, you were 14 pounds, 6 ounces, and 24 inches tall! You’re rocking out the 95th percentile, which explains why I feel like I am constantly sorting out clothes that don’t fit you while doing laundry. You love to sit up, and we just started using the Bumbo seat to encourage that and work on even more head control. You are constantly chewing on both hands/fingers, and unless you’re getting sleepy you prefer that to your pacifier! Your little eyebrows are getting darker, your hair is also getting darker and longer on the top of your head, but your baby mullet persists ☺

Your first Christmas was a joy! We were super spoiled to have your Daddy home for most of it, even though he was on call. We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa A and Uncle Tanner on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning was our own, and your Daddy and I enjoyed laughing at you when you would get spooked by the wrapping paper, and how you would smile at the tree! That afternoon we went to Grandma and Grandpa Z’s, with all your Aunts and Uncle, and Great Grandma Binga! Daddy got called out late afternoon, but not before some great family time and a yummy meal. I went to bed with a smile on my face that night, feeling very content with our little family.

You continue to adore your Daddy, and he definitely gets more smiles than I do 😊 You love bath time, and seem to be connecting the fact that kicking your legs gets Momma wet!! Getting dressed afterwards still includes crying, but it is no longer a cry of being scared or tired, but an “I do not like that and it makes me mad” cry! You’re discovering your voice and it’s been entertaining to hear the screeches, cries, and gurgles you come up with. You’re also blowing bubbles, raspberries, sticking out your tongue, and drooling. Lots of drool. You’ve made me look a few times for teeth due to the amount of drool you produce!!

Movement has really begun. Especially when you are only in your diaper, you will roll onto your right side and then scoot/wiggle your way around. Eventually you rotate a full 360• and leave a drool trail behind ☺ you’re still fairly stationary on your belly, but I am realizing how quickly the days of leaving you in a spot, and returning to you in that spot, are ending.

The only major negative this month was a slight setback in sleep. We are now up 2-3 times a night again, instead of that blissful once. You always nurse and go right back to sleep though, so I’m trying not to complain! We survived our first mini-storm with Daddy starting on Christmas night. It was only a few days, but a good trial run for all of us!

You continue to bring us joy, as well as all those around us. We are excited to watch you grow and change in the months to come!

I love you, baby girl.


First day as a fluff butt!
It’s hard to stay awake when you’re so cute, I know!
♡ Daddy’s Girl ♡
Momma’s World!
I just can’t stop looking at this picture, baby girl! We were in the van taking a nursing break while Daddy was in a store, and you were so happy and smiley!!
20161227_154737 (1).jpg
Happy three months, sweet girl!